Making a burner account for just this purpose.

So I just got a job offer! Yay! When I can reveal my true identity, then we'll all celebrate. For now, it's secret.

They gave me a number (via email, these guys love email over calling but so do I) and it's $1k below what I make right now if I don't factor in bonuses. With bonuses, I make about $38k, but the salary portion is $35k. The math says I'd make about $30 less per pay, but I wouldn't have to spend $120 every month on a bus pass. They also said they give Christmas bonuses and since they wrote it in an email, IT'S GOLD.


I'm figuring that what I actually bring home each week will be about the same. But do I push back on their $34k offer? Is this the place where they say women don't ask for more but men do and that's why women will never get ahead? I'm fine with not rocking the boat because I'm a terrified bunny, but if you guys think I should, what approach should I take?

Thanks so much, wise ol' pals of mine!

Unsolicited yonce gif.